The Vokva Difference

What makes Vokva Vodka different from our competitors is that a percentage of our profits are channeled to the organizations and the initiatives to fight climate change. With our eco-friendly vodka, we encompass a philanthropic vision that motivates and supports social entrepreneurship and environmental conservation.

Our Bottle

The custom bottle of Vökva Vodka is shaped just like an icicle to bring awareness to the current global climate change and melting glaciers. Our way of life is intertwined with the Earth’s climate.
Our organic vodka logo is a melting glacier, representing glaciers and glacier loss accelerating due to global warming. The melting freshwater from glaciers alters the ocean, not only by directly contributing to the global rising sea levels but also because it pushes down the heavier saltwater, thereby changing the currents in the ocean.
Our bottle resembles an icicle, integrating the bigger picture of climate change and what lives below the surface that we don’t see. Icicles conjure a visual like an hourglass, and just like the hourglass gradually demonstrates the passage of time with every grain of sand, icicles count the progression of climate change with every melting drop. As time stops for no one, neither does climate change. Glaciers are melting faster than scientists previously thought, and it’s up to us as the inhabitants of this Earth to come up with solutions to prevent climate change and global warming.
Our eco-friendly vodka does not celebrate the negative effects of climate change but strived to increase awareness about this global issue. By doing so, we’re opening the minds of people to work together to make a change.

Our Packaging

Our sustainable alcohol packaging directly aligns with our purpose. Our non-GMO vodka is geared towards issues not only related to the glaciers melting but toward the pollution of our oceans and beaches as well. We print our labels with soybean ink as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink. our soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly and makes our packaging easier to recycle.

Our Distillation Process

The distillation process dates back to the 10th century, or even earlier. This refers to the long-established practice of fermenting fruits, grains, and sugars to produce alcoholic beverages. Fermentation is defined as a chemical change or transformation caused by the presence of bacteria or microorganisms, yeast, and molds in vegetable or animal organisms. During the production of alcoholic drinks, yeast (enzyme) acts on sugars present in the mash (maltose and dextrose), converting these to ethyl alcohol. Our gluten-free vodka is created via this distillation process.

Help Make a Difference

Our vodka philanthropy combined with the efforts of H2O Yacht Co. work together to contribute to children’s education and awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution and climate change. Hailed by the Huffington Post as one of the Pioneers for Change, a percentage of profits from the charitable Vokva Vodka are channeled toward organizations and initiatives fighting climate change.