Our Bottling

What makes this vodka company different from their competitors is that a percentage of its profits are channeled to the organizations and initiatives fighting climate change. Vökva Vodka has a philanthropic vision that motivates them to support social entrepreneurship and environmental conservation. The custom bottle of Vökva Vodka is shaped just like an icicle to add awareness and excitement to what the company represents. Per the founder, “Our Logo is a glacier melting and our bottle resembles an icicle. We do not celebrate negative effects of climate change; we are simply increasing awareness about it, and in so doing we open the minds of people as well.”

Certified Philanthropist H2O Yacht Company is the philanthropy company of Vökva Vodka which contributes to the education of deserving children and raises awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution. In fact, it was hailed by The Huffington Post, a renowned online news aggregator in the United States, as “Pioneers for Change” in a published article here.

The Distillation Process dates back to the 10th century or even earlier. This refers to the long-established practice of fermenting fruits, grains, and sugars to produce alcohol beverages; fermentation is defined as a chemical change or transformation caused by the presence of bacteria or microorganisms, yeast, and molds in vegetable or animal organisms. In producing alcoholic drinks, yeast (enzyme) acts on sugars present on the mash (maltose and dextrose), converting these to ethyl alcohol.

Our Packaging

Our box is a direct resemblance to our purpose, we are making this vodka to gear energy towards issues with the glaciers melting and our oceans/beaches being filled with pollution.