About the Company

Vökva Vodka, H2O Yacht Co., and Skillz Mobile App are composed of a dedicated team of maritime captains (active and retired) who have gained extensive experience in building, managing and servicing yachts.

The group is led by Captain Paul Triporo from Hurst, Texas. The firm’s mission is to broker yachts and help people realize their dreams in the high seas. All three companies also engage in humanitarian activities such as supporting different needy and deserving communities, building schools for educational needs everywhere, planting trees to help stop deforestation, volunteering around the world with plastic conservationist’s teams and working with non-profits whom help protect endangered species.

It contributes to education and ocean awareness campaigns, particularly for youngsters all over the world. Some of these are the Children’s Education in Bali – volunteerinbali.org; Safe Havens for Homeless Youth in Florida – covenanthousefl.org; New Zealand Ocean recovery Charity – sustainablecostlines.org; 4Ocean Waste Cleanups and Underwater reef protection – 4ocean.com and, Ocean Ecological Preservation (Raja Ampat, Indonesia) – friendlydrifter.com.