The Vökva Vodka Story

“Raise your glasses and awareness of the rising sea levels!”

We ask philanthropists, conservationists, non-profit organizations, humanitarians, social workers, artists, good Samaritans, world citizens, and of course the badasses who try and make every day a new opportunity to enjoy a glass of Vökva Vodka to celebrate your help, your movement, and your efforts to make and create a healthier planet.
Our mission is to not only craft a delicious cocktail with quality vodka but to attract awareness about the much-needed efforts to stop global warming. We’re here to take a casual drink and turn it into something meaningful, to raise awareness about current environmental issues.
“Loyalty and integrity can’t be bought; you are both with it – it’s in your blood.”

Paul Triporo, Founder of Vökva Vodka

From our founders to our distillers to our consumers, we’re united by a restless determination to create, distribute, and consume a non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, charitable vodka with meaning.

Vökva Vodka has a philanthropic vision that motivates and supports social entrepreneurship and environmental conservation. What makes our American vodka company different from our competitors is that a percentage of our profits are channeled to the organizations and initiatives fighting climate change. Our eco-friendly alcohol brand also contributes to the education of deserving children and raises awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution.

Vökva Vodka is made from Non-GMO Project-Verified Grain Neutral Spirits and is mixed with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. RO water filters out all the sediment and impurities such as rust, calcium carbonate, organic chemicals, and chlorine, which makes our organic vodka “Pure as Water.” Vökva Vodka will continue to partner up and help initiatives such as 4Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines in their social movement to raise awareness about the plastic pollution issues we are currently facing.

Drink Responsibly, Eco-Warriers!